Wrapped in Shadows

Ashton by Brian T. Wolf

Ashton by Brian T. Wolf


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Wrapped in shadows, she moves gracefully into and out of the light.

Photographed in January 2016, this Shadow Figures set features Ashton as my muse.  This was only the second time I had ever worked with Ashton.  We had a photo shoot together four years earlier when I was just starting to shoot indoors and she was just starting out modeling.  It was fun to reconnect with her after all that time and to see how much each of us had grown from that first shoot.  With any luck I won’t have to wait another four years to get Ashton in front of my camera again.

Want to see more of Ashton?  Don’t miss Part Two of this series – Unwrapped in Shadows (nsfw)!

Photography by Brian T. Wolf.
© 2016


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