The Book of Shadow Figures Volume 1


The Book of Shadow Figures Volume 1 is the first complete collection of my favorite images in the Shadow Figures series created by me over the past three years.  This book includes 77 high-resolution images presented uncensored and in a wide screen format unique to this edition.

Download your copy today for only $5.  (All orders are placed/delivered through SendOwl and payments are made safely and securely through Paypal.)

Featured models include Ashton, Camberlynn, Cierra, Isabelle, Leah, Mahnan, Nicole, Rhianna, and Taylor.

Shadow Figures represent everything I love about creating art through photography.  Simplicity.  Organic.  Light and Shadow.  The Female Body.  They continue to be my favorite style of photography and I hope you enjoy them, too!



Production of Volume 2 has already begun.  If you are a model in the Boulder, Colorado area and want to be part of my Shadow Figures series, please get in touch on Instagram or Twitter.


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