I launched as a way to to share my art with the world.  However, I have always been selective about the content that gets published here and I have mostly avoided including any nudity.  Instead, I decided that the best way to share my artistic nude photography was to publish it all exclusively at


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Patreon is a fantastic platform for supporting artists.  Patrons sign up to make a monthly contribution at the level of their choice and in return get new rewards every month.  In my case, I currently have reward levels at $2, $5, and $10 per month with content ranging from project updates and behind the scenes footage to downloadable digital e-books and creative videos, depending on the reward level.  Plus, you’ll get instant access to all previous posts at that level.  Keep in mind, much of this content will only be available at

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Of course, the biggest reason I want you to become a Patron is so that I can share more of my photography with you.  As much as I enjoy creating art for its own sake, it means so much more to me to know that others are enjoying it, too. I hope you will join me at