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Here is your opportunity to download exclusive collections of my favorite work, get an inside look at my creative process, and help support the creation of new art.  Become a Patron at!

As a Patron, you will get access to every issue of my digital series Brian The Wolf Premium Collection.  Each issue is a downloadable pdf featuring photos from my favorite shoots and favorite models.  This series is only available through Patreon and many of the images collected here won’t be published anywhere else.  In addition, every month I will post other updates including project updates, behind-the-scenes footage, examples of my editing process, and more.   Much of this content will only be available on Patreon.

By becoming a Patron, you are helping me continue to create all kinds of new content and to grow as an artist. Your support will allow me to work with more models, rent locations, buy props, upgrade equipment, and cover other production costs for future shoots. It will also help offset the extensive editing time I put into every project and enable me to focus on my art full time.

Of course, the biggest reason to become a Patron is because I want to share my art with you! As much as I enjoy creating art for its own sake, it means so much more to me to know that others are able to enjoy it, too. As a Patron you can even comment on any posts or send me direct messages to let me know what you think of my latest projects and what you’d like to see next.

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